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Types of Pipe Fitting Threads


SAE type quick connector is an ideal part for automobile pipeline connection. It has been widely used in automobile fuel system connection sleeves to meet the SAE J2044 standard. Please note that SAE type quick connectors are sold without SAE connection sleeves. However, we can provide suitable connection sleeves upon request. Technical Features Medium Fuel, air, oil/oil gas Working pressure about 10bar Working temperature Engine area -40°C up to +115°C for a short time to +150°C (about 30 minutes) to meet the requirements of SAE J2044.

55 degree sealed pipe thread - tapered internal thread and tapered external thread, which can be used in the occasion of high pressure and shock load. Pipe thread is a thread on the pipe wall for connection, there are 55 degree non-sealed pipe thread and 55 degree sealed pipe thread. It is mainly used for the connection of pipelines, so that the internal and external threads can be closely matched. There are two types of straight pipes and tapered pipes. ZG is commonly known as pipe cone, that is, the thread is processed by a conical surface. The general water pipe joint is like this. The national standard is marked as Rc. The metric thread is represented by the pitch, and the American thread is 60 degrees. Use metric units for metric threads and imperial units for US and British threads. Pipe thread is mainly used for the connection of pipes, and its internal and external threads are tightly matched, and there are two types of straight pipe and tapered pipe. The nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the pipe being connected, obviously the thread diameter is larger than the nominal diameter. 1/4, 1/2, 1/8 are the nominal diameters of British thread, in inches.

Install the quick connector of the automobile fuel pipeline: 1) Clean up the dirt on the contact surface of the pipeline. 2) Align the quick connector with the pipeline A, and align the locking piece B of the fixing seat with the groove of the connector. 3) Press the quick connector onto the pipe until the two retainer locks lock with a click.