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The 8th 2023 Global Automotive Thermal Management System Innovation Technology Conference was successfully held


The 8th 2023 Global Automotive Thermal Management System Innovation Technology Conference was successfully held

On April 10-12, 2023, under the guidance of the China Comprehensive Energy Service Industry Innovation and Development Alliance and hosted by the China Europe Automotive Technology Innovation Center, the "8th Global Automotive Thermal Management System Innovation Technology Conference" was successfully held in Shanghai. Experts and scholars from new energy powered vehicles such as Zhiji Automobile, BYD, NIO, etc. shared and exchanged ideas on the comprehensive energy service industry.

The theme of the conference is "Innovation in International Battery Safety Energy Storage and Thermal Management Technology". Through senior industry experts interpreting the current development status of the industry, sharing successful cases of comprehensive energy services, exchanging and discussing excellent technical solutions, we comprehensively promote the collaborative carbon reduction of multiple energy systems.

General Manager Liu Shiping, convener of Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on "Innovative Connection Technology for Energy Storage Thermal Management System". Ningbo Hailian is a high-tech innovative enterprise in the field of connection technology for automotive fuel pipelines, urea pipelines, and power battery cooling pipelines. It is a professional supplier of connection technology and solutions for automotive and energy storage fluid systems. At present, Ningbo Hailian has achieved commercial applications in various fields such as automobiles, outdoor energy storage cabinets, power battery cooling systems, etc. in the context of the explosive development of new energy vehicles and energy storage, promoting multi-level market development including distributed energy service business, and contributing to the realization of high-end equipment "Made in China".

At the "Night of the Wise Day" comprehensive energy storage service excellent supplier selection and award ceremony, Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts was honored to participate. At present, Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts self-developed fast plug connectors for power battery cooling systems are supplied to multiple automotive brands such as BYD and Ideal, and serve well-known domestic energy storage cabinet manufacturers. As a leading project of Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts in serving the new energy market, CQC quick plug connectors undertake the role of connecting the company from automotive pipeline suppliers to suppliers in the automotive and energy storage fields. Since the development and operation of the project department in February 2022, they have been operating safely and stably for one year, marking the verification of the stability and reliability of this connector in the field of liquid cooling pipelines. Ningbo Hailian CQC quick connector products help to achieve efficient, convenient, energy-saving, and safe development of energy storage and new energy vehicle fast connection. The award fully demonstrates Ningbo Hailian Auto independent research and development capabilities, as well as its keen insight into customer market demands, and has typical demonstration significance.

In the future, Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts will, as always, take the demand side as the guide, adapt measures to local conditions, closely follow the pulse of the fluid pipeline market, take green development as the key, and focus on the needs of various industries for fluid pipeline connection, to provide customers with stable, reliable, technologically and economically sound quick connector products and solutions, promote the intelligent transformation of various new energy automobile industries, help the country achieve the goal of carbon peak, carbon neutrality, and create a low-carbon future.

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