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New Energy Vehicle Quick Connector

In 2020, the technical team of Hailianautoparts has keenly caught the development trend of power batteries for new energy vehicles: the market is encouraging the development of high-density, high-power and fast-charging new energy vehicles. 

The original new energy vehicles using air cooled heat dissipation has been unable to solve the problem of battery heat dissipation. The advantages of liquid cooling system are fast cooling rate, good temperature uniformity, and simple fluid (temperature and flow) control. Liquid cooling cooling system has become an inevitable trend of new energy vehicles. 

Based on this market demand, the technical team of Hailianautoparts has rapidly developed a variety of quick-plug joints for new energy vehicle battery cooling lines that adapt to various scenarios, such as battery pack cooling lines, automotive battery pack liquid cooling lines, automotive non-battery pack liquid cooling lines, first-level main lines, and second-level/third-level branch main lines. Hailianautoparts new energy joint features simple operation, corrosion resistance, strong sealing and high safety.

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