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About The Company

Our History

Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts Technology CO., Ltd found in 2012. We are manufacturer specializing in R & D and production of automobile and motorcycle pipe line quick connectors. Our products are widely used on many famous automobile companies. Such as BMW, BYD, FAW, FAW-VW, and so on. Especially BMW, BYD are all our regular customer since 2017 we started to work together.

Hailian Auto Parts has been focusing on the application and innovation of the quick connector technology of automobile fuel pipeline and SCR system urea management. Guided by the worldwide automotive connector market, there are more than 600 different models of products after more than 10 years of production, research, development and sales experience. We have developed into one of the few high-quality manufacturers of quick connectors in China.

Our Factory


Hailian Auto Parts is located in Ningbo City, which is one of the five largest major trade port cities in the world. We also have systematic services of sea transportation, air transportation, land transportation and warehousing. Express to home. Convenient transportation and more faster.

Welcome to visit us. You could fly to Ningbo Lishe International Airport. We will pick you up, only an hour away. Or you could take high-speed rail to Ninghai Railway Station. We will pick you up, only about 30 minutes.

Product Application

Our products are widely used in automobile fuel, urea, steam, hydraulic system, brake system(low pressure), hydraulic power steering system, cooling system, air intake system, emission control, auxiliary system connection, dust prevention and so on.

The main products are:automobile quick connector,motorcycle quick connector, fuel pipe assembly, urea pipe assembly,vent pipe assembly,vacuum pipe assembly,water pipe assembly,pipeline dust cover,etc. we also provide sample design, customization, proofing, processing, OEM, ODM services.

Quick Connector:

SAE 6.30- 1/4’’ Series,

SAE 7.89- 5/16’’ Series,

SAE 9.49- 3/8’’ Series,

9.89 / 18.90 /230 /246 Series,

SAE 11.82- 12 Series’,

SAE 12.61- 1/2’’ Series,

SAE 15.82- 5/8’’ Series,

17.85 /18.00 / 24.00 Metric Series,

All kinds of Straight 0°/180° Connector, Elbow 90° Connector, Diagonal 45° Connector, Male Connector, Two way Connector, Tee Connector, Metal Male Connector, and so on.

Production Equipment

Our company located at No. 86 Developement Zone, Haizhang Village, Xidian Town, Ninghai Country, 315600, Ningbo City, China, covering 800 acres.

1 There are 15 sets Injection Molding Machine with 300 molds to produce at least 600 types quick connectors. Daily Production: 350 – 400 pcs / hour for pre set. Totally 100,000 pcs. Monthly Output: 3,000,000 pcs.

2 3 sets Full Automatic Computer Control Assembly Machine.

Working Speed:2 pcs / second.

Daily Production: 1,800 pcs/ hour. 43,200 pcs/set. Totally 129,600 pcs / day.

Monthly Output: 3,888,000 pcs totally.

Running Hour:24 hours.

Machine Power:20 KW.


This model machine was developed jointly by our R & D team and the machine manufacturer.

3 30 sets Manual Assembly Machine with 60 workers on two shifts per day.

4 2 sets full automatic air leak tester. Production Capacity: 3600 pcs/hour. Labor saving, more efficient, and accurate detection of product qualification

5 22 sets semi-automatic assembly machine, which can assist automatic assembly machines to flexibly complete production tasks.

Daily production :6000 pcs /set

Monthly output: 180,000 pcs /set, total 5400,000 quick joints

Running Hour:12 hours.

6 3 sets full automatic packing machines. Production Capacity: 2000 pcs/hour one set. 100 pcs / package.