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Our Certificate

Since the company expanded in 2017, we have obtained more than 10 patents for our products. In 2021, it was awarded as a new high-tech industrial company by Ningbo Municipal Government, which has received strong support from the government in terms of innovative technology and talent introduction. And we passed and joined Ningbo Auto Parts Production Association in 2021. Became a member of 68 premium auto parts manufacturers Association. In the auto parts industry has a high visibility.

Cooperative Case

Since 2017, we have signed an annual cooperation of 3 to 6 million yuan with BMW. In 2018, the company signed an annual cooperation of 2 million yuan with BYD.

Our Service

We provide one-stop service. From inquiry, sample confirmation, proofing, production, transportation and export, we have a professional team to follow up the whole process, 24 hours online to answer questions. All our products can be tested by the third party.
OEM & ODM Assembly
We have a long-term cooperation of professional transport dedicated line, including air, sea, land transport, to provide customers with the most economic, the most safe, the most efficient transport scheme.

Hailian Quick Connector

Plastic parts combine the advantages of light weight and corrosion resistance

Helps meet environmental/emissions requirements

Parts are compact and small, very easy to use

Various angles, shapes and diameters

All fittings meet certain cleanliness standards

Assembling poka-yokes

Our rich products are dedicated to providing professional technical solutions for fluid connections Learn More

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ABout US

Ningbo Hailian Auto Parts Technology CO., Ltd found in 2012. We are manufacturer specializing in R & D and production of automobile and motorcycle pipe line quick connectors. We mainly produce SAE 6.30 - 1/4'' Series Quick Connector, SAE 9.49 - 3/8'' Series Quick Connector, SAE 9.89-10 Series Quick Connector and so on.Our products are widely used on many famous automobile companies. Such as BMW, BYD, FAW, FAW-VW, and so on. Especially BMW, BYD are all our regular customer since 2017 we started to work together.

Hailian Auto Parts has been focusing on the application and innovation of the quick connector technology of automobile fuel pipeline and SCR system urea management. Guided by the worldwide automotive connector market, there are more than 600 different models of products after more than 10 years of production, research, development and sales experience. We have developed into one of the few high-quality manufacturers of quick connectors in China.


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